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Capital Structure

A company’s capital structure is the composition or “structure” of its various long-term sources of financing. It is the permanent financing of a firm represented by long-term debt, preferred stock, and net worth. So it relates to the arrangement of capital and excludes short-term borrowings. It denotes some degree of permanence as it excludes short-term sources of financing. Capital structure is concerned with a company’s ratio of debt to total financing. This is referred to as the leverage of a firm. Debt is the proportion of the firm’s capital that is obtained through either bank loans or bonds. A firm with $30 million in equity and $70 million in debt is 30% equity financed and 70% debt financed. The leverage of the firm is said to be 70% because that is the ratio of its debt to total financing.Ideally, capital structure maximizes the market value of a company while minimizing its cost of capital or financing.

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