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Sometimes reviewing a problem similar to the one you are having difficulty with, along with a solution can help the learning process. Here is an example of a finance homework problem for calculating the present value of an annuity:

Q: What is the present value of a 10-year $2,000 annuity discounted back to the present at 5 percent?

First determine the strategy or approach you will use to solve the problem.

A 10 year $2000 annuity means starting 1 year from today you will receive $2000 a year for the next ten years. The objective is to determine the value of the 10 future payments in today’s dollars. One method to solve for PV is to calculate each of the 10 years separately and then add them together:

finance assignment sample

However the method above can be time consuming and there is another equation that will provide the same result. That formula is shown here:

financial management assignments sample

PV is Present Value r is the discount rate n is the number of years.

PMT is the annuity future value factor.

The second step is to substitute the information provided into the formula

PMT = $2000 r = 5 percent n =10 years

Then perform the calculation:

finance assignment sample

= $2000 (7.722)

= $15444

A: The present value of this annuity is $15444

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