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Basics of Financial Statement Analysis

A company’s financial statements record fiscal data but it must be analyzed for it to be useful to those who need it. Analysis of financial statements generally involves reviewing and evaluating the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement of a company in order to understand its fiscal health and thereby make better business decisions. Horizontal, vertical and ratio analysis all make use of data found on the financial statements to determine a company’s financial strength and analyze its past, present and future performance. The horizontal analysis compares financial information from the statement over a number of reporting periods.

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Using vertical analysis each line item on a financial statement is listed as a percentage of another, usually gross sales on the income statement and percentage of total assets on the balance sheet. Vertical analysis is the review of the proportion of accounts to each other within a single accounting period. Ratio analysis calculates the relative size of one number from a statement in relation to another. These ratios can then be compared to the same ones from a prior period or compared to an industry average to determine how well the company is performing.

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