Private Equity and Venture Capital Assignment Help

Defining Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private equity and venture capital are similar in that both acquire companies with the general idea of selling them in the future at a profit. However, they tend to target different types of industries, have different expectations and require different amounts of capital. Private equity is capital that is invested in private companies, whose ownership shares or units are not traded publicly, enabling the owners to restrict the number and/or kinds of people who can invest in them. Private equity investors generally target fairly mature companies, which may be under-performing or be undervalued. Their goal is to improve these companies profitability and sell them for a return on their investment which comes in the form of capital gains.

guarantees of private equity venture capital helpIn some cases the companies may be split apart and the assets sold for a profit. Investment can run into the billions and the investor or fund usually has a controlling interest in the company acquired. Venture capital investors target early-stage and expanding companies that have fast-growth potential. Their objective is to nurture and grow these companies quickly and take them public or sell them in merger and acquisition deals. They have a much higher rate of failure but successes tend to be more spectacular. Investment size will generally be $10 million or less and investors usually are minority shareholders.

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