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Dividend Policy

Dividend policy is the set of guidelines a company uses to decide how much of its earnings will be paid to shareholders. There are three main approaches used in setting dividend policies. These are the residual, the stability or a residual/stability hybrid. A residual policy is one in which dividends are paid only after all project capital requirements are met. With the stability policy, quarterly dividends are set at a fraction of yearly earnings. This policy reduces uncertainty for investors and provides them with income. The hybrid dividend policy is a combination between the residual and stable dividend policies.

help with dividend policy assignmentThis approach is commonly used by companies that pay dividends in today’s markets. They will usually have one set dividend which is a relatively small portion of yearly income and is easily maintained. On top of this set dividend an extra dividend is paid but only when income exceeds normal levels. There are different views on how the policy used affects share prices. Many believe the policy doesn’t have any bearing at all as shareholders don’t care if profits come from dividends or through increased share value due to reinvesting earnings rather than paying dividends.

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