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Understanding Your Future Value Assignment

The majority of business investments involve investing money today. In the following years, the investment produces cash that comes back to the business. Evaluating an investment requires comparing the initial money invested today with the amount that will return to you in the future. Future value is the amount to which an investment will grow, or a dollar amount an investment will be worth at a particular time in the future and the equation for calculating it is:

future value

PV is the present value, n is the number of years and r is the rate of interest. To calculate the value of an investment in the future you would plug the appropriate figures into the equation. For example, if you invested $100 for at an interest rate of 5 percent compounded annually for 10 years PV = 100, r = 5 percent and n = 10

future value assignment

= 100(1.62889)
= 162.89

The equation incorporates the concept of compound interest. Compound interest is the situation in which interest paid on an investment during the first period is added to the principal. During the second period, interest is earned on the original principal plus the amount earned during the first period. Understanding finance concepts like those covered in FV assignments is essential to doing well in finance.

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