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What Is Financial Management?

financial management assignment helpFinancial management focuses on decision making with the purpose being to creating wealth for shareholders. It involves many financial decisions including when to invest in new assets and/or replace existing ones. Decisions on when to borrow from banks, sell stocks or bonds, extend credit to a customer and how much cash and inventory to maintain are all part of financial management. A businesses basic goal is to create value for the company’s shareholders/owners. The goal of the financial manager is to create wealth for the shareholders, by making decisions that will maximize the price of the existing common stock.

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There are several basic principles involved in finance management that you will see applied repeatedly. Three of the most important are:

  • Money has time value

A dollar you receive today is worth more than a dollar acquired one year from now. This is because todays dollar can be invested and earn interest so that at the end of one year you will have more than one dollar you started with.

  • Cash flow is what counts

Cash flows represent money that a company has to spend, not profits. It is cash flows that determine a company’s value.

  • Risk must be rewarded

In general investors don’t like risk. They prefer to avoid risky investments unless there is the potential for higher return. These principles aren’t just framed and hung on your office wall. They are used in one way or another in almost everything involved with financial management. There are many formulas and equations used to calculate the value of money at any point in time or to determine the risk involved in a particular investment. Many students find it difficult to wrap their minds around some of the concepts involved. Some of the equations involved require high level mathematics skills. It is a rare student who doesn’t run into problems at some point. Our service provides help with financial management assignments that will get you through the rough areas.

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