Finance Formula Sheet

What Are Cheat Sheets

A cheat sheet is a concise set of notes that may be used as a quick reference on a topic. At higher academic levels it is often considered more important to know how to work a particular formula and understand the concept involved than it is to memorize the formula itself.

Finance is an academic area where this holds true. A finance formula cheat sheet can be of benefit to students who are looking for finance homework help.

Our Financial Equations Cheat Sheets

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Using a finance equations cheat sheet helps you by providing important formulas all in one place so that they can be easily referenced without wasting time paging through your book. Having all the different formulas on one finance formula sheet enables you to concentrate on actually working on problems using the formulas rather than trying to figure out if you remembered a formula correctly. Knowing how to use the formulas and under which circumstances different formulas are meant to be used is what is important. Memorizing different formulas used in finance doesn’t actually teach you anything about the topic of finance. Performing all the different calculations required in finance is a difficult task in itself without having to memorize the various equations involved on top of it. College students have to take in large amounts of new information in a relatively short period of time. It is important that they focus on the things that matter rather than on things that don’t contribute to their leaning process. A finance cheat sheet allows students to focus on working problems and it’s a confidence booster knowing that the formula you are using to calculate a difficult problem is the correct one, and not one that you have remembered wrong.

Our Corporate Financial Cheat Sheets

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Many professors allow and even encourage the use of a corporate finance cheat sheet. No, the world hasn’t gone crazy and they aren’t actually encouraging you to cheat to pass corporate finance. It is just that most professors now realize that memorizing formulas and equations has very little to do with learning anything about corporate finance. Using them helps students get proper finance homework answers instantly. It is the knowledge of how to use the formulas, understanding the different concepts involved and being able to work the equations that is important for students and not the memorization of formulas. A corporate finance formula sheet that consolidates all the different formulas you need in one place for easy and quick reference actually aids in the learning process. It allows students to focus on the business of learning rather than branding information into their minds when it isn’t necessary. For most students learning how to use the different formulas and equations is a difficult process under any circumstances. It can be very discouraging to labor over a difficult problem for 30 minutes only to realize you have remembered a formula incorrectly. A misplaced set of brackets or a symbol in the wrong place because your memory is less than perfect is not a reason for somebody to fail corporate finance. When used often enough the formulas eventually get memorized anyway. A corporate finance equations sheet with all of the correct formulas allows students to approach each problem with more confidence, secure in the knowledge that they are at least using the correct formula.

Use Our Business Financial Formula Cheat Sheets

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A business finance formula sheet is basically a learning tool that can help students in a number of different ways related to their business finance class. Having all the business finance formulas in one place is a useful study guide. Digging through notes and flipping the pages of a textbook looking for a particular formula is a time waster and very little gets accomplished. It is also much easier to review from a one page sheet than from a stack of notes and a textbook if you have a few extra minutes to study and a cheat sheet is also very effective when used in conjunction with your other study materials. Using a finance ratios cheat sheet allows students to focus on learning the concepts involved in business finance instead of having to worry whether or not they have remembered the different finance formulas correctly. This can give students a confidence boost which is often all they need to perform well in the class. Finance and it hundreds of formulas can be intimidating and being able to approach the course with confidence can make a world of difference.

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